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You heard it right folks, we're currently conducting a short story contest, 3,000 words or less either about, or heavily involving the world's favorite beverage....


This aint yo momma's contest! We don't care about cultural implications, just plain old fashioned entertainment, however that comes, so make your tales as funny, sick or twisted as you want them to be. Bring a tear to our eyes if that catches your fancy. Anything goes so long as you follow these simple rules.....

Terms and Conditions

You must be 18 years of age to enter. By submitting an entry you are hereby granting permission to The Mad Doser Presents to use your work in future MDP projects however we see fit. The pieces submitted must be your own original work and cannot have been submitted/sold to anyone else; you are solely responsible for any and all damages that may result due to its use, MDP will not be responsible. Story length may not exceed 3,000 words and must stay within the parameters of the theme of that particular contest. Cash prizes will be paid by US money order and only if and when twenty-five qualified entries have been received. Terms and Conditions are subject to change at our discretion  without prior notification.

All entries must be submitted to:
subject: Beer Contest
All entries must be submitted by 7/31/13
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