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​   As we said before, we love a good  story in any form that story can be told. In fact, some stories can only be told properly if done using the format that suits them best; certain ideas have to be explained in a manner that only prose can while others require the visual aids that film provides. 

    Thanks to the miracle of modern technology we can bring the world films, commercials, graphic novels and comics in ways we never could before. But in order to do that, we need YOU!

​   How would you like to be a bad ass character in a film short or comic series? We're looking for models, actors and actresses to bring our tales to life.   

​   ​Could that be you? Would you like to call the shots in a fun and interesting promotional endeavor and make good money while you do? Would you like to build a body of thousands of adoring fans in the process? If so,  you are at least 18 years of age and living in the New York City area, we can help. Send us pictures and personal contact information to

     In  addition, The Mad Doser Presents is looking for a face for the franchise. It's no secret that sex sells, so if you've got that grown-n-sexy bikini body and think you could be the next big thing, why not give us a shot. 


   In return for working with us, we'll take any shots that you need for your portfolio absolutely free; we take the shots, we print posters and many other promotional materials which will be sold at extremely reasonable prices with the intended goal of getting your face, and name, out there..... YOU keep 75% of the profits, all for putting our logo above your head, and sharing some information about our products.

       No one can resist being their own boss, and so we empower you to take control of your career, and our Certified Personal Performance Consultant will work with you in whatever life arena's you may need (a $250 per hour value) also absolutely free.

​      What we're looking for are young women that have a welcoming, upbeat personality with the understanding of what a model’s purpose is, as well as an enthusiasm for life in general, and the desire to bring a little joy to others lives to be the FACE OF OUR FRANCHISE!!!

      Send us pictures and personal contact information to with Bikini in the subject line. 



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