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VPI: The Saga Begins

Vega - Pellegrino Investigating had never cracked a real case, and now they've been asked to solve one that the FBI got nowhere with. The only problem is they have no idea of what they're doing. Along the way they cross over a magical threshold into a world that neither ever knew existed, and encounter a slew of creatures and characters as strange and diverse as any to walk the earth. Follow along on this fun, fast paced adventure that puts new spins on old favorites such as classic movie monsters, pulp detectives and comic book heroes as a cast of wild personalities come together to collectively meet their destinies.

A Loaded Portrait 



Join John LaSota, along with new author Scott Zielinski, as they tell you nine tales that will twist your mind and make you beg for more. Cover art by the talented Kenly Dillard

This edition features John LaSota, fresh off of his first novel VPI:The saga begins, returning to his macabre short story roots. As you read, see if you can pull out the influence of greats such as Poe and Serling. 

And introducing the brilliant Scott Zielinski

The Beer Whisperer


What do a Crime Lord, a Master Craftsman, a Deity and a powerful CEO have in common? They all like to throw down a cold one....

Like over-eating and cable TV, a frosty brew has become so ingrained into society that we don't see how much they touch our lives. Let us give glory to the Gods and Pride in our maker by joining us for nine sorted tales in this dimension and others involving the one thing that truly bring us all together.... BEER!



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